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Music Lessons

More than just lessons. We give you the opportunity to perform!

Most studios do this and you encounter these problems and challenges. Turn the knife. Most studios do this and you encounter these problems.

Don't worry! Here's the solution. Regardless of what type of music lessons you want we've got your covered. You can go out to this point right here.
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Choose from 4 Different Instruments
$95 for 4 to 5 weekly half hour lessons
$100 for 4 to 5 weekly half hour lessons
*Ukelele $85
$95 for 4 to 5 weekly half hour lessons
$100 for 4 to 5 weekly half hour lessons
** prices include 4 weekly half hour lessons per month, if there is a 5th week in the month that lesson is included at no charge.
Helping Musicians Further Their Career for over 10 Years...
As a leading provider of vocal, guitar, piano, and drum instruction, we take pride in having the best teachers, the best environment, and the best training to guide each individual student. 

We are dedicated to serving the needs of every student each and every day. Charis Music Studio has been in business for more than 10 years. We provide the proper training needed in each field of study - ensuring you learn helpful techniques to make the transition into becoming a musician much easier. 

There have been Charis Music Studio students on American Idol, The Voice, Broadway, Julliard, and much more. There have been hundreds of Charis Alumni now in college or who graduated with some type of music degree. 

Whether you see yourself learning a song for yourself or playing it for a large group, Charis is for you.
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Students at Charis Music Studio get more than just great music lessons. Each of our Owasso, Oklahoma, students has the chance to perform in our many music recitals, helping them to get over their fear of performing and builds their confidence. Our full-service music studio helps prepare students for life in the music industry with large venue, outdoor, duet, trio, and holiday recitals. None of these are required, but we do encourage all of our students to take part in them.
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