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Furthering music careers for over 10 years...

We help aspiring musicians perform confidently on stage so they can further their music career without the fear of making mistakes.
Charis Music Studio started in the home of our owner and teacher, Jaime Highfill, and grew into teaching hundreds of students in Owasso, Oklahoma.
We have taught celebrities and their kids as well. We try to help people not only take lessons, but also help them go into the music industry.
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We have taught those who made it to the semifinals of American Idol, The Voice, and to Julliard. Some are currently working in the industry as worship leaders, writing music, or singing in bands.
Even if you are not looking to go into the music industry, we still have a place for you. The owner of the business grew up in New York and was always into music. But, there was nowhere for her to perform. She went to the Oral Roberts University and got a Bachelor of Arts in Music, before going into teaching. 

She has a special needs son, and teaching allowed her to spend more time with him. Then she wanted her students to have a place to perform, and this become a priority to her. The result was Charis Music Studio. Now, we've been teaching for more than 15 years. The owner teaches the Vocal students that are looking to get into the industry.


Jaime Highfill
Jaime Highfill grew up in New York where she sang, played piano, and flute as well as perform in many musicals directed by Broadway cast members. She grew up in church where she sang and praised God with the gifts she was given. She wrote music from a young age as well. When it came time for College she knew that God wanted her to go to Tulsa, Oklahoma. She decided to move across country to go to Oral Roberts University, at first with a degree for Theater but then changed her major to Music. 

Jaime taught private lessons throughout college with a local studio and really enjoyed it. Before her son was born she began teaching private lessons in her home but within a year the studio got too big. She began to look for locations to teach private lessons out of as well as other teachers who might be interested in teaching. When deciding upon a name for this studio she wanted a name that was bigger than her own. She decided on Charis Music Studio because Charis, in ancient Greek, means “God’s Greatest grace”. She always felt this was God’s studio and wanted to honor him in the name. She wanted to make sure she gave people a place to perform as well. This was very important to her. When she was growing up she did not have places to perform. She paved the way for many other studios, after Charis, opening doors of performance making this the norm.

Jaime is also a student of the studio as well. After her mother passed in 2014 she inherited her mother’s guitar. Jaime tried learning to play in college but could not change chords very well. Jaime started taking lessons from Bob Pingel in 2014. Later that year she was accompanying herself on sets! She was leading worship at a church in Owasso in 2017.

As Jaime’s son got older she realized something changed after his 18 month shots. He stopped making eye contact as well as talking. By 2 years old he still was not speaking. With some therapy and schooling he began speaking by 3 years of age. He has been in school since age 3 and after many doctors visits later he has been diagnosed with aspergers, a form of autism. You can meet Micah most days at Charis Music Studio. He enjoys holding the door open, speaking with, and encouraging most students on a daily basis!

Jaime has taught many people throughout the past 15 years. Students that have made it to American Idol, the Voice, Juilliard, Celebrities, people who are currently big in the industry, who have had large college music careers, actors, praise and worship leaders, people who sing on cruise ships, and many more! She loves teaching, she loves her studio, loves her students, and her family. She feels truly blessed and grateful to get to do what she loves every day!
Braden Jordinson
Our drum instructor, Braden Jordison, began playing trumpet at the age of 12, for the Collinsville Crimson Cadets. Shortly thereafter, he was invited along with five other advanced sixth grade students to perform in the high school marching band's pit percussion. This is where his love of percussion began, taking him to the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma. Earning his bachelors degree in spring, 2012 in Drum Performance, Braden began writing, recording, and performing in numerous bands in the Oklahoma City area. He was the manager of Oklahoma City's Guitar Center lessons department from 2015 until he relocated to the Tulsa area in 2017 to teach and perform full time. 
Bob Pingel
Bob Pingel is our most experienced guitar teacher. He has been in Praise and Worship bands all over the world, and has been teaching with us for 14 years. He teaches acoustic, electric, and bass guitar. He also teaches the Ukulele and the Mandolin. He has taught many celebrities and their children, people currently working in the music industry, worship leaders, and hundreds of families in the area. He focuses on rhythm, theory, and any music you wish to learn.
Shawn Anderson
Shawn Anderson is our primary Electric Guitar teacher. Playing since he was young he was offered a recording contract at the age of 18. Later in life he was also offered lead guitar position with The Stone Temple Pilots. He is extremely knowledgeable as a lead guitar player and we at Charis are lucky to have him!
Stevie Bonebrake
Stevie Bonebrake is our guitar teacher. She is one of our youngest but she is experienced in playing acoustic, electric, and the ukulele. She has been a part of the Charis family for five years, and is currently attending Tulsa Community College. She is perfect for any teams or young children wanting to learn guitar in a safe, clean, and professional environment.
Elizabeth Keitges
Elizabeth Keitges is a great local teacher at Charis. She teaches vocal lessons and has been with our studio for approximately six years. She trains young and adult students that want to perform as well as singing for fun. She has two beautiful daughters and a beautiful singing voice as well.
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